Warwick Brass

The Home of The Warwick Brass Quintet -  Bringing Brass To Your Event

Here are some sample sound clips of Warwick Brass.

These recordings were captured and mastered by Andy Guthrie on 17th May 2013. We have aimed to record a range of pieces that are not only recognisable, but show the versatility of Warwick Brass.
We have a wide range of repertoire in our library and we are always looking for new arrangements or suggestions.

Please sit back and listen to Warwick Brass - 
We bring you 
Track 1 Trumpet Tune;
Track 2 Bohemian Rhaposdy;
Track 3 Penny Lane;
Track 4 I Got Rhythm; 
Track 5 Victor Ewald Quintet for Brass No. 2.

A live recording of Warwick Brass from the Warwick Festival of Film and Food  can be found at:

We also have a You Tube channel, which has live recordings of us performing. Click the link below to be taken to it:

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